Monday, April 29, 2013

What's your personal value statement? Here are my five values.

I attend a talk by Alan Hilburg ("Where is the beef?" campaign from Wendy's). His home work assignment that is that everyone should create their own value statement with no more than 5 values. It's surprisingly difficult and here is my attempt.

1) Integrity : Be honest with myself foremost and always then be honest with everyone else. Doesn't matter if this is the first time or the last time I might meeting the other person.

2) Humility : Be respectful of all opinions and actions, I don't have to agree but I'll always try to listen and to understand a different perspective. Be considerate of my abilities and limitation, understand my strength and weakness so I know when and where to be helpful or asks for help.

3) Simplicity : Truth is simple. Look for that deeper truth in any situation so don't be overwhelmed by the initial complexity. Keep my life as simple as possible. Don't be burdened other people's complexity or expectations.

4) Learning : Always be learning and trying to connect the dots between different ideas and concepts. 

5) Figure-It-Out-And-Get-It-Done : Finally, the most important value. Put all my abilities, network, resources, learning to work so what is important gets done.

Here are other values that I considered but seems less of a core value or too similar to other values. 

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