Wednesday, August 27, 2008

opt out of prescreen credit card and insurance offers

When I get the mail, the first thing I do is rip up all those unsolicited credit card offers. For the first time, I actually took 30 seconds and read the letter. On the very bottom, I found this gem of information that I never knew about.

To submit your Opt–In or Opt–Out request by telephone.
Please call toll free: 1–888–567–8688

I googled for stop pre-screen offers and found this
news release by This news release give the web version of the service :

I took a few minutes and submitted my requests. You have to print out, sign and mail in a letter to get your name permanently removed from the opt out list. Otherwise, you only get 5 years of opt-out.

The news letter also indicated 2 other services for reducing junk mail and emails.

I'm going to try all these services. It would be so nice to reduce the volume of junk mail.

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