Sunday, April 28, 2013

3 key ideas from Alan Hilburg presentation at Tech Coast Venture Network

My first event at TCVN. It was an interesting meeting. I walked away energized and excited about future possibilities. I would be interested to attend again. 

Here are my notes from the speaker Alan Hilburg. He was an excellent speaker. It helps that every once in awhile  he pulls out a $20 and incentivize people to answer a question. It's a good public speaking tip. He practices what he preaches. So 3 keys ideas from his talk. I share them here on my blog. 

What is a brand? 
It's not your website, product, brochure, slogan, etc. 
Brand is the experience the marketplace and trust people has in the company.
Branding is emotional and NOT rational.
Think about your brand protagonist

3 principles of a brand
1) OIVSIO - outside in vs inside out.
2) Context Before Content
3) Pull vs Push
push - inside out. constantly sell
pull - create condition that people want to be part of experience greater than themselves. 

3 Basis of good relationships. 
1) know their fear. 
2) know what define their success
3) know what makes them happy


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