Sunday, October 4, 2009

pictures from Miramar air show 2009 - blue angels

The traffic was a nightmare. I left from orange county at 10 and I didn't sit down until 2:45 just in time for the blue angels. I spend 4.75 hr in traffic, walking from the parking lot to show, and waiting for security check before getting in the gate. For 2 hour spend at the show, I spend 7.5 hrs getting to and from the show. That's pretty lousy return on time. However, seen the expression on my son's face when he saw the angels flying for the first time was worth it.

Here are some more amazing picture of the blue angels! here


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Unknown said...

We watched the blue angels from the back yard the last few years.

Before too long, we'll have to go on base for the show. The early show seems the better choice for traffic - at 9:30, traffic on I-15 was still pretty light when I drove past.

Glad you had a good time at the show.