Thursday, January 3, 2008

search on Google for the title and subtitle of this blog and the results are very surprising.

I just did a search on Google for the subtitle "I am the sum of my decisions and the intended and unintended consequences of the decisions". There is only 1 hit. The Google search the title "sum of my decisions" got 6 hits.

The results was very surprising to me. Only 6 hits for the title and only 1 hit for the subtitle?!? When I created the title and subtitle of this blog, I certainly didn't try to create something unique. I just want to make a statement of personal conviction for my blog. So the fact that there is only one entry is a big and pleasant surprise. The second aspect of the surprise is that Google has already indexed it. I guess since blogger is run by Google, they would indexed it asap, but the turn around seems quite fast to me.

Perhaps as more people start reading this blog, the usage would spread. That would be the best and biggest surprise of all!

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