Saturday, December 29, 2007

what does the title means to me..

I am the sum of my decisions and the intended and unintended consequence of the decisions. Life is filled with everyday choices that we make, most unconsciously and quickly forgotten. Other are ongoing themes that we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating. Because we learn from the decisions and the impacts are long lasting, some of my personal themes are financial planning / education, software engineering, technology, and starting your own business. So this blog hopefully will evolve into an dialog of my present self to my future self and along the way... all the readers that stop by and share with me your experiences.


Unknown said...

this is a test comment to make sure the comment is working.

Grover said...

Hi Ricky,

This is deep:-)

Actually I like your blog site. I am launching a resource center on AccountNow's website that will include a blogging feature. I am going to revolutionize the information available to the unbanked consumer.