Saturday, December 29, 2007

why I use Quicken

A friend asked me 'why do you use Quicken?' I have been an avid Quicken user since 1997 and I make no secret about it. At first, I thought the question was why I use Quicken instead of Microsoft Money or some other software. Pretty soon, I realized the question was really why I track my spending and to what level of details I track it. I spent a lot of time on Quicken in the last 10 years. Granted, the activities have evolved and become much less time consuming than it used to be. The core of the question is very valid. Has Quicken actually impacted any decisions that I made in my life? If so, why and how. If not, why wasting my time.

My first reaction was a defensive justification and a quick attack back, which also made me realize that I'm quite emotionally attached to the subject. I'm going to start a series of blogs exploring the emotional and practical details of tracking my spending and its impact on my life.

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