Friday, February 15, 2008

lower your property tax

Now is the now to review the value of your property to see if you are paying too much property tax! There is a good chance that you are paying too much. Talk with your real estate agent, let them know you want recent comps, especially the foreclosure sales. This way you can gauge if your home value has gone below the 2008 property assessed value. Then check the website for your county property tax assessor. There should be a form to partition for temporary adjustment of the property valuation.

Here is the forms for Orange County, CA:
look for "Request For Informal Assessment Review"

The deadline for OC is March 30 so don't wait too long.


Anonymous said...

I tried to lower my property taxes on my own and it was a absolute headache! It took me months to get answers to my simple questions. I ended up Googling "prop 8" and I found a company called They saved me over $1,800 a year. Yeah it cost me some money to save some money but in the end my SANITY was worth it! Good luck guys!

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